Meet Entrepreneur, Strategist,
Speaker & Coach

Cory Mosley

I’m on a mission to provide education & empowerment to working professionals who are ready to become entrepreneurs.


I am special, but so are you. The difference between us might very well be simply the road I have chosen to travel which has led me on a journey of entrepreneurship. The greatest impact I have had has come from helping small business owners across the country successfully grow their businesses for the last decade. Since the age of 14, I’ve been involved in all kinds of ventures including hair salons, laundromats, flipping houses, selling praline candies and chocolates, call centers, and even creating one of the leading automotive consulting firms in the country.

“No! I’m not some
self-proclaimed guru”

Although I have produced 7 figure revenues, called several fortune 500 companies and even a Fortune 10 company clients.

About My Journey

I thought I would be a lawyer. My favorite show as a 13-year old was L.A. LAW. That all changed when I participated in a law program and saw my mentor looking tired, driving a beat up Mazda, deep in debt, and looking at spending the decade working 80 hours plus a week to hope and make partner. That just wasn’t going to work for me.

My first businesses included setting up Apple Computers in people’s houses at age 14, a laundromat, a hair salon, and I got an early taste of media success by writing an entertainment column and appearing on a local ABC talk show tackling topics effective teens.

I found myself in the Auto Industry at 18 right at the moment selling cars online became a thing. I used my youth to my advantage and became skilled at understanding how to effectively market and sell vehicles online which led to management opportunities. By 22 I was fortunate to be earning 6-figures and managing people several years my senior.

Realizing the opportunities available to me I formed my first consulting company and became a leading speaker and business strategist. This move created internationally visibility and led to deals with major corporations. In fact I was consulting for a fortune 10 company by age 27.

Through the wild rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship, I took the consulting business to seven figures and became a published author, media personality, and an award-winning business educator.

Realizing the need to help working professionals have a more structured and organized opportunity to transition to entrepreneurship, I launched the Fearless Entrepreneurship Society. My passion and mission has become helping entrepreneurs break free from overwhelm, frustration, and fear so they can beat the odds and build their business.

My Mantra For Entrepreneurs

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