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Yes, you can start and grow your business in just about any economy. Many wildly successful companies were created in recessions as well as during economic booms. The marketplace is ready to embrace your business and reward you if you don’t break the rules. You must go-to-market with a solid sales plan, a trustworthy brand, and modern processes and systems in place. You can beat the odds and win if you have the right support system, invest in yourself, and work with professionals who have the answers you seek. We all deserve to win, and if you aren’t currently, maybe we can help. Welcome to Fearless Entrepreneurship Society.


How F.E.S. Came To Be

After working with seven and eight-figure small business owners and consulting for major corporations, I began seeing firsthand how the deck is stacked against solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with small teams in the areas of profitability and growth.

Many lack the right support system and knowledge base to launch, sustain, and scale their brand correctly, which leaves them stuck, stagnant, and tragically many times out of business entirely.

I learned that those willing to make the right investment in themselves and their business could create, launch, and grow a sustainable company that produces the income, lifestyle, and legacy they seek. 

F.E.S. is my contribution to providing that support system with programs, services, and resources to help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive in the new economy.

Meet Cory

Top Strategist & Coach

Cory Mosley, CSP, is the Company Principal of two companies and founder of F.E.S. He is regarded internationally as a business growth expert and has a documented track record of helping businesses thrive in any economy by giving them strategies to increase sales, build fanatical teams, and future proof their business.

He has been featured on NBC, CBS, and ABC affiliate stations, and at global events like INBOUND. He currently appears monthly on VA This Morning, the number morning show in the Richmond, VA market area.

Cory holds the prestigious designation of Certified Speaking Professional accredited by the National Speakers Association. This designation is held by less than 10% of all professional speakers.

Cory made a name for himself in the Automotive Industry, where his 7-figure consulting and training company client list included global organizations like VW North America, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo USA, BBDO, Berkshire Hathaway, and Urban Science.

Cory previously hosted shows on i-Heart Radio, The Atlanta Small Business Network, and CBT Automotive Network. As a prolific writer and content creator, Cory has published two books and created his interactive virtual training, testing, and certification system on the Light Speed VT platform.

In 2017, Cory was recognized for his contributions to business growth education when he received the AWA Lighthouse Award.

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