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A 6-Week Course of Empowerment & Education

If you google the term “start a business,” you will get over 2.1 million responses.

In a world where everyone has an opinion and can share their advice with the simple click of the button, you have to ask yourself, where do I start and who should I listen to make sure I am doing the right things?

I have to admit I might have had an unfair advantage; I truly believe I was born to be an entrepreneur and always felt as motivational speaker Les Brown says, mentally unfit to work for someone else. That feeling gave me a certain fearlessness to start trying to make money on my own at the age of 14.

Although it’s been over 20 years since starting my first business every endeavor I set out on creates the same temporary anxiety, do any of these statements sound familiar to you;

Where do I start?
What if it doesn’t work?
Do I have enough money to get started?
Will anybody buy this product or service?
How do I keep up with all these social media sites?
Where will I find customers?
Will my family and friends support me?
How long will it take to make a profit?

Many of these questions might be just the tip of the iceberg for you and only contribute to the general feelings of overwhelm, frustration, a fear of losing money in pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams.

I’m sure you’ve watched all the motivational videos about following your passion and stepping into your greatness. Honestly, I’ve been listening to it my whole life, but what I found out was that passion and desire weren’t enough. I needed to have the right mindset and skill set to prepare myself for success.

I needed to have answers to certain questions before they were asked, and while I might not have required a 60-page detailed business plan, I needed to take the time to create a playbook, so my thoughts, plans, and strategy were documented.

The truth is even if you think you are ready with a great idea or you believe no one bakes a pie or can teach yoga like you, there is so much more to consider.

If you haven’t read this somewhere else on my site, my mission is to provide empowerment and education for aspiring entrepreneurs so they can beat the odds and build their business.

I’ve poured 20 plus years as a successful 7-figure revenue producing entrepreneur into the 6-week course that I am confident will put you on the path to success.

If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines and watching others make their entrepreneurship dreams a reality, then I invite you to come on this journey with me and let myself and my team help get started on your dream.

I can’t tell you what your motivation should be, but I can tell you there has never been a better time to go for it then now!

A 6 Week Success Path


Week 1: Mindset
In this series of training videos, Cory teaches the core 13 rules for developing a Fearless Mindset required to ensure success.


Week 4: Sales
In this series of training videos, Cory teaches effective sales strategies even for people who say they can’t or hate to sell.


Week 2: Relationships
In this series of training videos, Cory explores the impact relationship will have on your success or failure.


Week 5: Finance & Legal
In this series of training videos, Cory shares key advice on business registration and financial management.


Week 3: Marketing
In this series of training videos, Cory shares modern marketing strategies and provides clarity on how to get started.

Success Fulfillment

Week 6: Success Fulfillment
In this final segment, Cory helps you identify the most important factor for achieving success as an entrepreneur.

Join Cory Every Week for a Live Q&A

Cory and his team will be there to coach and support you every step of the way! Each week new content is released members will join Cory for a live stream Q&A session via our members-only private Facebook group to review that weeks content and action plan activities.

Fearless Live Event Included
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Q. Who is this Course for?

This course is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about making their business idea a reality. If you are someone looking to get organized, get clarity, and get a professional action plan for the preparation and launch of a new business then this course is the most important first step for you. This course is also for people who want to break free from feelings of anxiety, frustration and overwhelm as they pursue entrepreneurship.

Q. Why should I listen to you?

I have worked with business owners in the areas of sales, marketing, and process improvement for almost twenty years. I have put in the work as an entrepreneur since the age of 14 and have survived and thrived through the process. My team and I uniquely understand the challenges of starting businesses and stay at the front of the learning curve when it comes to technology, trends, and business acceleration tools. I have built 7-figure businesses and have the tax returns to prove it. Also, I am easy to research as my content and work in different industries has been well documented and featured all over the Internet. Finally, if you have read my blogs, listened to my podcasts, and watched my videos; you simply have to ask yourself if you feel as if you connect with me, my message, and my mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

Q. What information will this course teach me that I can’t find on the Internet?

Most would argue that everything is available online and a lot of stuff is free to a certain extent.The questions you have to ask yourself are which of the free information sources will work for me, who will hold me accountable to follow-through, and how much time, money, and energy am I willing to expend sorting through all the opinions and information online. The Fearless Entrepreneurship Course is organized, direct, and provides a streamlined path to get answers, education, guidance, and coaching so you aren’t anxious, frustrated, and overwhelmed when trying to get started. All successful people will tell you that investing in yourself is always the right answer.

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