The topic of Depression is many times a hotly debated one. How real is it, is it just a sign of weakness or something people should just shake off.

According to the World Health Organization 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and consider it a leading cause of disability.

Sixteen million adults in the U.S. alone are said to have at least one major depressive episode a year.

Those major moments can be caused by job loss, loss of a loved one, a relationship that went south or for many entrepreneurs the cause can be seeing their business failing right before their eyes. Now full disclosure I’m no psychologist or a doctor of any kind for that matter. But here’s my layman’s point of view on defeating emotional downturns and staying motivated.

Number one, rely on your peers when managing depression.

I want to challenge you to build a network of other entrepreneurs or people who you might consider peers not subordinates who will listen give support and offer solutions.

A peer network understands what you are going through and can be there for you during your low moments. Next take care of yourself or take better care of yourself. This seems easier said than done when feeling the weight and responsibility of life sometimes.

Forcing yourself to make the time for self-care pays off for you and whatever you are up against. Focus on relaxing enjoyable non-work related activities. Not only helps you recharge your batteries but can inspire renewed creativity and better solutions that work. Next, challenge negative thoughts.

Many of the most insidious negative thoughts are automatic and actually won’t stand up to rational examination. So if you find yourself focusing too much on negative thoughts and events take the time to make a list everyday of things that are working and going well.

If you find yourself making negative assumptions with no evidence, remind yourself that jumping to negative conclusions is neither helpful nor reasonable.

Try to generalize one set back or failure into widespread negative thinking about your business or yourself. Don’t do that.

The most typical aspects of depression is the idea that undermining your ability to do the very things that would help ease depression. It can be pernicious over time once depression sets in it becomes much harder to reach out and form new friendships. Get motivated to exercise or even be inspired by your passion. That’s all the more reason to practice these skills now and make a habit of them so that you have the tools resources and resilience necessary to combat emotional setbacks when they come.

The truth is we all face tasks and situations that can be difficult and demanding financially socially physically and emotionally. But make the time to keep yourself balance focused and healthy inside and out benefits to your business and the impact you want to have on the world.

I’ll see you next week.