As an entrepreneur, you may not always have a lot of opportunities to laugh with someone else. Watching a comedy may help boost your endorphins, but that just doesn’t cut it. Come to find out, you need much more than comedy to boost your morale and keep you going on a bleak Monday morning commute from the bed to the office chair down the hall.

What is Laughter?

Psychology Today has a lot to say about laughter and it is not all it’s cracked up to be. In fact, it really has very little to do with humor.

Laughter is a language all of its own. It is not learned like the language(s) we grow up speaking, but it is innate, already programmed in our DNA. And everyone has the laughter gene.

What causes us to laugh? Believe it or not, it is usually not a joke that causes us to burst into laughter, but rather an interaction with another person. This means that social situations produce much more laughter than non-social situations, such as spending Friday night alone with your marketing funnels.

The best part is that the person you’re interacting with doesn’t even need to say something funny. It may just be an introduction or a simple question about your day. It’s not so much what is said as it is who is saying it and the social connection you have with that person.

Why Entrepreneurs Need to Interact

Team players laugh more than head honchos in the corporate world. Think of the last time you saw a CEO, president, or owner of a big corporation let out a belly laugh, if at all. That doesn’t mean they don’t laugh, they have just been conditioned not to laugh when they are at work.

Laughter is subconscious and cannot be conjured up at will. It happens spontaneously and is contagious. This is because it is social. It seems, then, that its purpose is to bring people together, despite cultural differences. Laughter doesn’t care about these differences. All brains are wired for subconscious, social interactive laughter.

Take a look at the animal world. When chimpanzees are tickled and laugh, it sounds like panting. It is really “labored breathing” which is showing another chimp that it is playing. Laughter exists all throughout the animal kingdom, even in rats.

When laughter is suppressed, such as with the CEO, it is to convey a social distancing. In other words, don’t get too chummy with your employees. But as an entrepreneur, this may be just what you need. We all know laughter benefits the nervous system and lifts up our moods, but mostly, it brings us together.

What If I’m Alone?

Being your own boss is ideal, but it doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. There are plenty of ways to interact, whether at events, on social media, webinars, or anywhere else on the Internet. If you’re really fortunate, you may even have locals to meet up with who understand your entrepreneurial spirit.

We all need to connect somehow. Isolation isn’t healthy. Sometimes it’s easy to isolate, especially if you haven’t showered in a few days while working on that super ad copy or filtering through digital files hour after hour.

If you are alone or feel alone because you don’t have adequate support on the home front, then meeting up and connecting with others is crucial. It’s not always easy to be your own boss, so laughter is a way of encouraging you to step out and connect with others more if you don’t already do this on a regular basis.

It is easier today more than ever to connect with other people, even individuals we just met or don’t know very well. As an entrepreneur, you have a unique perspective to offer the world. Your gift is needed on the forefront to teach and share with others. Connecting with like-minded people is critical. That’s why masterminds developed among entrepreneurs.

So get out there and laugh more. It will boost your morale and your work will seem much less mundane on a Monday morning.