“You have to go for it… You’re never going to get wealthy working for someone else. Ever… The freedom that comes with it is worth more money than anything in the world”

 Jennifer Taylor 


Jennifer Taylor spent over a decade with one of the fastest growing corporations in the leasing business. But she walked away from it all to pursue her passion in real estate. In less than a year, she has become a multi-million dollar producer.

Making the move from your comfortable, corporate job to becoming successful on your own. In this episode, Cory sits down with real estate powerhouse Jennifer Taylor to discuss first-hand leaving the corporate world can be the best decision you ever make.


3: Show Notes


Another Quote:
“Keep moving forward and changing with the times” – Jennifer Taylor

Time Stamps:

2:39 – Getting out of the corporate world
5:30 – Making the tough decisions
7:11 – Living for the weekend
9:05 – Jennifer’s award winning approach
10:02 – Staying disciplined on your own
12:02 – Jennifer’s advice
13:13 – Jennifer’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
13:59 – Preparing for “the rain”
15:16 – Rapid fire questions!
17:56 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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