“I call it my back to the wall with ashy knuckles. I had no other alternative than to fight every day.”

 Tim Brock 


From a small town in Texas to the Big Apple, Timothy Michael Brock founded Client ConneXion, which has turned into a multi-million dollar digital marketing and chat development company.

In this episode, Timothy discusses the benefits of having a business that sustains itself. He makes it grow; his employees make it flow, allowing him to always be working on the business instead of in it. Learn the early, common mistakes so you can avoid them.



4: Show Notes

Client ConneXion

Another Quote:
“In the beginning you’re going to make plenty of mistakes. And the less money you have, the less costly those mistakes will be.” – Tim Brock

Time Stamps:

1:26 – How Timothy is always on vacation
3:05 – The early grind with no money
6:10 – Making the jump without taking a loan
7:28 – The situation is the boss
11:43 – Working ON the business instead of IN it
16:14 – Early mistakes entrepreneurs make
17:48 – Timothy’s advice
19:45 – Timothy’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
21:35 – Rapid fire questions!
24:12 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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