“Even though it was a 30,000 sq ft gym, large in size, my mind was beyond it. I just saw that there was an opportunity to help people in a bigger way”

 Mike Rizk 


Michael Rizk is the founder of Condition for Life. Blogging, consulting with corporations, assisting pro athletes, he has built an incredible fitness platform, helping people transform and earning countless certifications to change lives.

In this episode, Michael will speak on leaving a career for a field, and starting his own business. Learn how to integrate yourself and your experiences into your business and reap the benefits.


5: Show Notes

Condition For Life

Time Stamps:

1:54 – Jumping out and finding your wings on the way down
3:59 – Michael’s love at first sight
6:17 – Transitioning into becoming a business owner
10:08 – It’s not about the money
12:20 – Transitioning from the traditional model
16:00 – Sharing knowledge and building relationships
18:12 – Transcend and Include: Integrating yourself into your business
24:20 – Michael’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
25:40 – Rapid fire questions!
27:25 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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