“Danger is real and fear is a choice”

 Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland has more than 25 years of proven success Lisa’s consulting firm Lisa Copeland Global Enterprises helps business owners and entrepreneurs build more scalable and successful businesses that generate more profit through her strategic “The Art of the Big Sell”, focused on selling a movement over a product, with a vast client list that includes Google, Subaru N.A, Dell, State Farm, Bank of America, H&R Block and many more. She was awarded one of the top 100 women in automotive.

During this episode, Learn about crushing mediocrity – it’s a mindset, not a job title or position. Learn to re-purpose fear, assess the risk, and as long as it’s not dangerous and it falls within your skill set and passion, go for it.


17: Show Notes:


“My superpower is to build business and I do it by building movements and building relationships” – Lisa Copeland
“You will die as an entrepreneur if you passion and skill set do not align.” – Lisa Copeland

 Time Stamps:
2:57– Lisa’s Story – Turning the sales business upside down
4:33 – How Lisa decided her new chapter coming out of selling her dealership
6:53 – Some early challenges in getting out there with her own business
10:26 – Crushing mediocrity
16:32 – Purpose – Being “Others” centered instead of “us” centered
17:09 – Lisa’s advice to women trying to break into a space that hasn’t been particularly welcoming to women traditionally
19:21 – Lisa’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
21:02 – Rapid fire questions!
23:57 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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