“If you stay true to yourself, you have no competition at all.”

 Caroline Kalentzos

Caroline Kalentzos is the CEO of POSH PR, which is a boutique public relations and luxury event planning agency specializing in partnerships with fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands across the nation. With over nine years of experience in sales, Caroline specializes in developing a luxury lifestyle brand. She understands how to tell your brand’s unique story and takes pride in developing customized strategies that produce exceptional results. She lives for making the world a prettier place with heartfelt conversations, random acts of kindness and a curated Instagram feed.

During this episode learn about authenticity, finding your brand and working hard to become the best. Caroline discusses pivoting when opportunity arises and staying true to yourself.


18: Show Notes:

The Caroline Doll Instagram
Posh PR Instagram
[email protected]

“…when you take what you’re naturally good at and you marry that with what you’re passionate about, you’re unstoppable.” – Caroline Kalentzos

Time Stamps:
2:57– Commanding premium prices with a premium look
3:55 – Caroline’s Story – Becoming an entrepreneur at 3 years old!
7:24 – Why Caroline left her success in medical sales – putting it all on the line
10:55 – Lesson learned from walking away from a steady, successful job to start her own company
17:01 – Mistakes that first time business owners make when it comes to their marketing/brand
21:41 – Caroline’s advice – Staying true to yourself
24:11 – Figuring out what your brand should be
32:43 – Caroline’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
34:34 – Rapid fire questions!
37:07 – Entrepreneurship trivia!


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