“If you make a decision that’s right at the time if you decide it’s not, do something to change it”

 Veronica “Ronnie” Wyatt

Ronnie Wyatt is half of the dynamic duo of Ronnie and Tim Wyatt, who own Pecan Jacks. They are one of the best at taking care of their customers and they have a product that is ridiculously good. Before Pecan Jacks, they had previously started a business and ran it successfully for 7 years until the economic downturn.

During the episode, learn about the power of reinvention, authenticity and a willingness to change. Ronnie discusses how being open to changing course has helped her along her journey, as well as the balance between pricing and value.


23: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
1:55– Ronnie’s Story

4:02 – Walking through the transition to getting her flagship store in her dream location
7:10 – Decisions that Ronnie might’ve made differently if she had the chance – Not being afraid to change course
13:27 – Something Ronnie knows today that she wishes she knew 4 or 5 years ago
14:10 – How Cory and Ronnie met – A great product that needed more exposure
17:08 – How Ronnie’s thinking has changed presenting her brand online over the years
18:22 – Assessing value and pricing
20:50 – Ronnie’s changing ambitions after achieving some of the goals she set out for the business initially
23:02 – Ronnie’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
25:23 – Rapid fire questions!
27:30 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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