Scott McKain is a globally recognized authority on how organizations and professionals gain distinction to attract and retain customers and stand out in a hyper competitive marketplace. His recent book, Iconic, was recently named on as a top 10 business book for 2018. His client list features Apple, Merrill Lynch, SAP, BMW, Cisco and the list goes on and on. Sales and marketing HOF as well as professional speakers Hall of Fame.

Bill Cates is the President of Referral Coach International and founder of Cates academy for relationship marketing, creating exponential growth by multiplying your best customers and clients and communicating more compelling value. His most recent book is Radical Relevance.

Paul Potratz is the co-founder and COO of Potratz Partners Advertising based in New York. He is a former radio host and contributor for His client list has included Toyota, Lexus and the governor of Denmark. His agency was one of the first to adopt an aggressive dig marketing approach. Paul pioneered personality based brands in the digital age for automotive dealerships.

During this episode, Cory bring you a panel that discusses sales, marketing and branding during a pandemic.


26: Show Notes:

Scott McKain
Bill Cates
Paul Potratz

Time Stamps:
4:22 (Bill) – The approach to selling during this pandemic – Be bold about your value
9:13 (Scott)- Being distinct – The four cornerstones of distinction
16:00 (Paul) – Ditch the sales pitch
19:30 (Bill) – Checking in with clients – Being genuine – Bringing value
24:01 (Scott) – Avoiding using the guilt card
28:50 (Scott) – Being creative
31:33 (Paul) – Avoiding panic mode – Focusing on putting yourself in a better position
37:45 (Bill) – Target market – Adjusting and providing value
42:00 (Scott) – Planting the seeds of relationships and connectivity
47:53 (Paul) – Creating content with intention
49:51 (Bill) – Being consistent with your brand and quality
50:44 (Scott) – Congruence – Intent
53:20 (Scott) – Great examples of companies being different
56:36 (Paul) – Changing your marketing to create your community
58:38 (Bill) – Determine your right fit client/customer
60:15 (Scott) – Now is a good time to tap the brakes – Don’t rush into anything

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