Prior to starting his own business Aaron Montgomery was a consultant at McKinsey & Company and a sale executive at Kiva Systems, a robotic firm acquired by Amazon. He’s a two time Inc. 5000 honorary, two time finalist Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year program exec partner of the year society of HR management. Aaron has a degree in economics from Harvard and MBA from Harvard business school.

During this episode, Cory and Aaron discuss money, funding, financing, and working with banks. Learn some insider secrets on expanding and securing financing and equity in the marketplace.


27: Show Notes:

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Time Stamps:
3:52 – The intellectual piece of growing a business – not just hustle and grind
10:19 – Aaron’s Story – How partnerships come together
16:44 – Building a business – Having a plan, not being down to your last dollar
23:13 – Jumping into uncharted territory
25:55 – Hearing “No” – Persevering vs adjusting
29:16 – Scaling – Growth that makes sense
39:15 – Turning points – Pumping the brakes vs Pouring on gas
45:34 – Approaches to equity in the marketplace
48:22 – The biggest mistakes/red flags Aaron sees when negotiating equity based deals
53:08 – Insider secrets to capital raising, dealing with banks and sources – securing/expanding financing
59:20 – The moment when Aaron decided to greater diversity of his business – Embracing his identity as an entrepreneur
62:07 – The primary things on Aaron’s horizon
63:32 – Aaron’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
66:44 – Rapid fire questions!
70:44 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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