Sarah Olivieri is a non-profit business strategist in addition to being a #1 international best selling author and former executive director. Featured in over 30 podcasts, she’s the creator of the impact method, a framework that helps non-profits simplify operations and make a bigger impact without getting overwhelmed or burning out. She has 15 years of non-profit leadership experience and is the founder and heart of Pivot Ground. Sarah helps non-profits make a big impact with relative ease.

During this episode, Cory and Sarah focus on non-profits and their unique challenges. Piggybacking off of Sarah’s vast experience, they discuss the crucial roles at the top, board members and fighting for dollars as a non-profit.


28:Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
4:13 – How does someone decide to get into the non-profit market?
8:41 – What Sarah sees as the greatest opportunities for non-profits to have a greater impact overall and the unique challenges of a non-profit
13:26 – The challenges and solutions of having board members
17:49 – The crucial roles at the top of a non-profit
22:07 – The fight for dollars
28:27 – Sarah’s advice for someone who wants to become a non-profit or mission driven for-profit based entrepreneur
30:58 – Determining as an executive director, needing to pay your own bills, how much money to take from the charity
33:28 – Building the right and culture
37:35 – Sarah’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
39:14 – Rapid fire questions!
44:07 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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