Tyrone Ross is a financial consultant, early stage startup advisor, entrepreneur and athlete. Tyrone was recognized by investment news as one of the 40 under 40 in 2019, by wealth management.com as a top 10 advisor, and said to change the industry.

Financialplanning.com has named him one of 20 people who will change wealth management in 2020. Tyrone has spoken and educated at Etsy, Spotify, Uber and Wyndham hotels. He has spoken in front of students at Columbia University, Yorke College, Seton hall, and Montclair State University. He’s the host of Altruist, the human advisor where he interviews remarkable people across the financial industry who are changing the game.

During this episode, learn about understanding money and who should be investing. Tyrone discusses how his failures fuel his successes, along with key mistakes he sees people making as they get their business going.


29: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
3:41 – Tyrone’s story
13:12 – Tyrone’s Olympic track dream – Using failures to fuel success
30:43 – Mistakes Tyrone sees in people getting their business going – Understanding money
42:00 – Who should be investing? Exposure, education and empowerment
51:51 – Tyrone’s thoughts on the idea of simply leaping and growing your wings on the way down
60:01 – Tyrone’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
65:55 – Learning about crypto – If it’s not Bitcoin, ignore it
70:26 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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