Dawne Brooks Gulla is a nationally known expert on business networking. Her first real job was as a crypto technician for the navy. She learned how to send code and decode messages to her current position today as a speaker, author, and franchise owner of BNI. She’s always been finding ways to connect people and finding ways to help them. At 71, she still calls herself a serial entrepreneur.

During this episode, Cory and Dawne discuss networking, networking and more networking. Learn about Dawne’s unique perspective on balancing the art and science of networking.


30: Show Notes:

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Time Stamps:
2:28 – Networking – The introvert advantage
10:35 – Dawne’s Story – Thinking outside of the box
17:30 – The networking ecosystem Dawne has created
21:29 – Top mistakes that people make in a live networking environment
32:36 – Determining the genuine desire to help and exchange ideas vs being worked
40:45 – Dawne’s Advice to someone just getting started
47:16 – Dawne’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
50:04 – Rapid fire questions!
54:15 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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