Linda Dunn Carter began her practice in 2006 and is now a world-renowned scar revision guru and the CEO and founder of the game changing scar revision brand, the DC Method. Linda holds licenses in 5 states performing her trademark scar revision secrets through means of time sensitive protocols that have been proven successful with mind-blowing results.

In December 2019 she launched Scar Food to an overwhelming response and will continue to expand that product line. Linda has been honored and named one of Miami’s top ranked power players in the Miami magazine, and the Miami modern luxury magazine honored Linda as one of Miami’s dynamic women. To date, Linda has performed over 45,000 procedures and has appeared on many local and national news programs, magazine articles, and conducts public speaking engagements.

During this episode, Cory and Linda discuss Linda’s journey through many business opportunities and turning it all around after having to live in her car for a couple of months. Learn about the importance of capitalizing on opportunities as they come at the oddest times.


34: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
2:25 – Linda’s story – Capitalizing on opportunity and learning new businesses
24:42 – Linda defines the practice of reprogramming skin
28:35 – The mindset of “I’m on to something, now what?”
35:41 – How Linda turned it all around after living in her car for a couple of months
44:35 – Deciding to bring out a product line
46:40 – Linda’s advice to someone thinking about giving up on their dream
51:07 – Rapid fire questions!
54:42 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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