Michael Grandinetti is a master magician and illusionist. He performed his first show at the age of 5. His personality and style were introduced to the world when he performed his original creation “The Spike Tower” on NBC television special The World’s Most Dangerous Magic. He was covered in a mixture of gasoline and kerosene, secured by chains with only 60 seconds to escape before 2 walls of flaming steel spikes were thrust toward him at over 50mph. The special brought together 7 illusionists from around the world and at 21, Michael was the youngest on the show.

Years later he’s been named by Entertainment Weekly as a great magician who can truly communicate with a TV audience. He’s been featured and written up in Hidden Remote, Digital Journal and more. Michael’s been on Masters of Illusion for multiple seasons on the CW. He’s consulted on the show Bones, the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and the list goes on and on.

During this episode, Cory and Michael discuss Michael’s balance of being a performer and an entrepreneur. Michael discusses finding his passion at the age of 5 and his experience in being an introvert in an extroverted field.


36: Show Notes:

Michael Grandinetti

Time Stamps:
5:29 – Michael’s Story – Finding his passion at 5 years old
16:16 – Once the show is over, it’s business
19:37 – The skills Michael has had to learn on the entrepreneurship side
28:26 – Never wanting to say “What if” – The strategies for standing out
34:02 – Finding balance between touring and managing a business
41:14 – Interacting with other magicians
45:16 – Being an introvert in an extroverted field
55:08 – The pressure of staying relevant and pushing the envelope – Compete with yourself
60:00 – Combating audience’s previous bad experiences
65:27 – Michael’s craziest entrepreneurship moments
70:47 – Rapid fire questions!
76:54 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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