Shannon Loy believes that every business has a unique story to tell. She started her business, The Social Ginger, which is a social media marketing company in Richmond, VA, to help businesses find the best channels to communicate those stories to the world. What sets Shannon apart from many other social media consultants is her big picture perspective.

Recognizing that social media is just one element of her clients’ overall marketing strategy, she and her team assess a company’s entire marketing strategy from its website to its email campaigns. They then use customized social media tactics to augment that marketing plan and help businesses build relationships that lead to sales. Plus, Shannon’s playful approach makes social media fun for her clients. Shannon also enjoys using her expertise to teach others about social media and is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences.

During this episode, Cory and Shannon Loy discuss social media and the mix of organic and paid advertising. Learn about the challenges, advantages and strategies of social media.


39: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
3:51 – Putting herself in the middle of the social media insanity
5:06 – Meeting the challenges of being at the front of the learning curve
7:35 – Shannon’s story
13:15 – The biggest challenges of doing video – getting more active
20:23 – Shannon’s thoughts on click bait
22:39 – The challenges selling the client on the idea of your service of social media
27:00 – Shannon’s advice on omnipresence vs single channel
30:14 – Using the platform so it’s effective for you
33:04 – The mix of organic and paid advertising
43:06 – Shannon’s biggest challenge building her agency
44:57 – Where do you start?
46:36 – Shannon’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
48:50 – Rapid fire questions!
52:16 – Entrepreneurship trivia!

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