Christy Potratz is the CEO and co-founder of Potratz advertising. Their agency is focused on helping businesses get discovered using video, digital and social media marketing. In 2018, Potratz was named to the Entrepreneur Magazine’s top company cultures list.

Christy is a passionate supporter and member of the Boys and Girls Club of Schenectady, New York where she provides consulting and advertising direction. Christy spends her free time on her farm with her husband Paul where she leads equine leadership and team building workshops on her horse farm.

During this episode, Cory and Christy discuss leadership with a twist. Learn about Christy’s leadership journey that ended with her working with horses. The early lessons that Christy learned made her a better leader in the end.


42: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
3:30 – Christy’s story – the evolution as a leader
8:58 – Early lessons Christy learned when her team moral was negative
16:27 – The progression of having a different perspective – moving into horses
22:42 – What Christy was missing
26:24 – Christy’s entrepreneurship moment – From hobby to real business
34:51 – Christy’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
37:36 – Rapid fire questions!

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