As CEO and Founder of Dealer World, Troy Spring built the company on the foundation and simple belief that if you drive enough customers and leads to a qualified team of sales professionals all the other BS goes away. Being successful in this business is just that easy. He currently employs over 30 professionals and is a 100% in-house advertising agency which he coins a, performance agency.

Troy’s passion and vision for helping dealers has led to one of our mottos: “We do not sell anything, we find clients that need help, and we help them”. Troy lives at the base of the Pocono Mountains in PA with his family and enjoys a round of golf every now and then when life allows.

During this episode, Cory and Troy discuss being crafty and thinking outside of the box as an entrepreneur to make things happen. Learn about Troy’s journey from having only $65 to his name to starting and building his own successful business.


43: Show Notes:

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[email protected]

Time Stamps:
4:45 – Troy’s Journey – Starting a business with $65 to his name
17:30 – What comes after Troy’s turning point?
29:34 – Troy’s outside of the box thinking to get where he wanted to go
36:49 – Focusing on one product instead of trying to do it all
42:10 – Troy’s milestone moments from the process
53:09 – Troy’s tips in the digital marketing landscape
61:51 – Rapid fire questions!
64:13 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!

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