Todd Smith is an American serial entrepreneur who has pioneered digital marketing and retail solutions particularly in the automotive industry. Todd’s experience spans more than 30 years and includes finding successes, a Chevrolet dealer and the founder of a company called ActivEngage, which went onto become the largest managed large chat company in the automotive industry.

Todd’s latest venture is 360Converge which is a communication platform that is delivering next generation CRM. Todd continues to be a highly sought after thought leader, speaker, writer and a great mentor.

During this episode, Cory and Todd discuss adjusting, the work behind the scenes, work-life balance and not letting money be the only north star. Learn about the importance of staying flexible and adapting your plans to succeed as an entrepreneur.


44: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
4:18 – Todd’s Story
14:21 – Staying flexible – Major adjustments Todd had to make in his vision
24:55 – The light bulb moment that led Todd to leave comfort for a start up
35:55 – Entrepreneurship is not made for everybody
42:52 – How Todd paces himself
46:42 – What’s the future of software?
50:16 – Todd’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
53:09 – Rapid fire questions!
55:33 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!

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