Jim Fitzpatrick is a 25-year veteran of the retail automotive industry, and he owned his own dealership by the age of 40. He additionally held some executive positions with companies like AutoNation. After owning the dealership, he went on to found Force Marketing, which became one of the biggest digital marketing companies servicing the automotive retail space.

Most recently, with his wife and partner Bridget, he went on to form JBF Business Media, which is now operating 2 leading digital TV networks including CBT News and the Atlanta Small Business Network.

During this episode, Cory and Jim discuss Jim’s ultimate entrepreneurial journey, jumping from startup to startup after owning a car dealership at the age of 40. Learn about the effect that ego has on business decisions, and knowing when to move on from one challenge to face a new opportunity.


45: Show Notes:

CBT News
Atlanta Small Business Network

Time Stamps:
4:18 – Jim’s philosophy of taking on new challenges – Knowing when it’s time to exit
15:03 – How Jim became the owner of a Toyota dealership at age 40
20:54 – Starting a marketing company after leaving the dealership
22:40 – How ego affects business decisions
28:15 – What’s the next thing? Moving on to new startups – learning on the fly
39:11 – Jim’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
44:40 – Rapid fire questions!
46:55 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!

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