Willie and Dee Jolley are the ultimate power couple. Willie is a CPAE in the speaking world, which means hall of fame, and how it runs is Dee Jolley is the one making it all happen!

Willie has the number one motivational show on Sirius radio, he’s spoken across all the countries and continents, and helped Ford Motor Company during their turnaround process.

During this episode, Cory, Xiomara, Willie and Dee discuss marriage and entrepreneurship. Learn how to sell a spouse who may not feel comfortable with the entrepreneur life, along with the extreme importance of communication. Soak up this in-depth discussion between two very successful entrepreneurial couples.


47: Show Notes:

Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last

Time Stamps:
3:23 – The dynamics of building a business with your spouse
27:53 – Communication – The importance of body language
33:19 – Dealing with decision-making and diving work? Maximizing effectiveness
49:27 – Finding the yin and yang
58:30 – Willie and Dee’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
66:01 – Rapid fire questions!
74:29 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!

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