Tim Cox is the co-founder and leader of the sales team of CarNow, one of the fastest growing companies in the digital retailing space right now winning awards. They have amassed over 4,000 dealer customers in their 6 short years in business. Tim started his career originally in the automotive industry.

During this episode, Cory and Tim discuss partnerships, scaling, and the importance of culture. Learn about the keys to a successful partnership, and what it takes to scale successfully and rapidly.


51: Show Notes:


Time Stamps:
Tim’s Story – An organic partnership leading to a new opportunity
12:51 – What’s contributed to growth – Business culture
16:17 – What makes for an ideal partnership?
21:33 – Scaling with hyper growth – Keeping the culture of the business
38:15 – Tim’s craziest entrepreneurship moment
43:29 – Rapid fire questions!
46:52 – Entrepreneurship Trivia!

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