Tyrone Ross is a financial consultant and founder of 401. He has lectured at companies like Etsy, Uber and several other New York companies.

Dr. Lorraine Maita is President and Medical Director of Vibrance for Life and howtoliveyounger.com

Michael Rizk is a Mind body and Spirit Coach and the owner of Condition for Life. He inspires people to show up for themselves.

During this episode, Cory brings you a special COVID-19 panel with 3 guests who have you covered with a range of topics in money and health.


24: Show Notes:

Tyrone Ross
Dr. Maita
Mike Rizk
Coronavirus Meditation

Time Stamps:
3:33 – (Dr. Maita) The importance of internal health
9:27 – (Mike) The mental impact of why people may be turning to foods that we know are bad right now
15:58 – Tyrone’s advice to people concerned about their financial well being during this pandemic
20:41 – (Mike) Behaviors stem from beliefs. Experiences form our beliefs
23:18 – (Dr. Maita) The potential impact on people’s health of the decisions they make now
29:11 – (Tyrone) – Evaluating where you spend money and what you can cut out
34:37 – (Mike) – Contradiction of Clarity – The emotional impact
41:49 – (Mike) – Hope for people who have lost so much – What we can control
45:56 (Dr. Maita) Not overdoing it in terms of supplemental nutrition
53:38 – (Dr.Maita) Immune system as it relates to exercising
55:12 (Tyrone) – Cash, money & liquidity
62:36 (Mike) – Business owners struggling with the ethics, morality and risk factor between dollars and caution from a safety stand point
66:48 – (Dr. Maita) What is she doing differently with her medical practice now
70:32 – (Mike) How Mike’s business is different now
72:32 – (Tyrone) What changes has Tyrone had to make since Covid-19

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