Grit is defined as courage and resolve, strength of character, bravery, pluck, backbone, tenacity, steel, nerve, toughness, resolve, resolution, determination, tenacity, perseverance or endurance. See, grit in life and business is key.

While other personality aspects and traits such as vision, focus and passion play important roles. Your true test of entrepreneurial spirit reflects in your grit level throughout life and the business process. See, Entrepreneurship is not a 9 to 5 job in fact it’s an endless opportunity. Literally in terms of hours and possible income and growth. There is no defined beginning middle or end when it comes to starting your own business. It may start as a side gig, get sidelined when your regular job gets busy, pick up again seasonally and then become your full time employment as your client list grows.

Unlike your normal job working for yourself means working around your personal preferences and going when and where others need you. Going your own way is a lonesome road. You leave structure, friends, coworkers and everything you know about regular life behind when you become an entrepreneur. Putting on the blinders and blocking out the daily noise requires a daily dose of backbone. Failure temps your return to the old way of doing things but grit provides the strength to stay the chosen course.

Many entrepreneurs including Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates and even Madonna failed multiple times before catching that one successful idea. See, taking chances takes nerve.

Starting your own business is the classic flying leap with your eyes closed. You can plan for the landing but the exact location and your condition are uncertain.

You have to maintain your grit from the get go. You have to live life, balance and I mean your own business has a lot of work but it’s important that it’s not all work. Focus on things like exercise, eating well, maintaining personal friendships and find the time to quiet down those hectic days. Control what you can and flex with the rest. Flexibility is not a sign of weakness.

Entrepreneurs handle unpleasant or unexpected business situations every day. How they deal with them provides great insight into the nature of the business owner.

Finally, I want you to think about seeking a professional mentor, consume their books, watch their videos and go to their live presentations. Come to places like Invest in yourself consistently and often make this the first time you are proud to say I’m gritty.

I’ll see you next week.