Politician Adley Stevenson was quoted as saying

Words calculated to catch everyone may catch no one

How does this message apply to your business? I remember I was conducting a coaching session with a guy about a week or so ago and he was running down to me all the areas he specializes in. How he has solutions for this group of people and that group of people and oh yeah them too.

So I asked him, I said “How large is your marketing team and your budget?” He said “What do you mean?” I asked again. He said “Well the business is just me right now and I have to be very conservative in my spending so I don’t run out of money.” Makes a lot of sense to me but I proceeded to ask him how he then proposed to bring all these messages that he has to all these different types of customer segments. His answer I guess I can’t and then came the breakthrough.

See it’s so easy. Trust me I know to get caught up in all the things you and your company can do. But your greatest business growth strength may actually be the strength of restraint. See having restraint to hone your message so your result can actually be stronger.

I got a call from a potential client that had been following my content for years but he was looking for something that while I had the skills to provide it wasn’t true to my core message or services. While I need business just like the next person I had to exercise restraint and refer him to someone better suited to truly help him.

I challenge you this week to ask yourself how many masters are you trying to serve with your marketing message, your product, or your services and could now be the right time to exercise the power of honing your message.

I’ll see you next week.