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The truth is marketplace competition is wreaking havoc on small business owners leading to stagnant revenue, limited growth, and even the complete closure of one’s business. Entrepreneurs must have best-in-class processes, cutting edge technology, and a talented internal or freelancer team to truly thrive in the new economy. Simply put, professionals hire other professionals when they need help. Put your business on the fast track to growth by joining F.E.S., the most comprehensive business growth support system on the planet.

member benefits


Weekly Strategy Sessions

Join Cory Live via Video Tuesday – Thursday to get Coaching, Advice, and Training to grow your business. 

Dedicated Support Channel

Get your business organized and connect to the F.E.S. team via your own project management systems. Share files, get feedback, and more.

Learning Center Courses

Get full access to Cory’s virtual training system which includes training on sales, marketing, team building, mindset and more. 

Accountability Friday Email Campaigns

Stay accountable, recap your wins, and document your future every week through our simple but effective process.

live workshops & Experiences

Attend live hands-on events to meet your challenges heads on and keep the momentum going in your business. 

access to done-for-you services

Whether you need a website, help with sales funnels, video content, CRM setup, or somehting else, our team can help.

Weekly Live Video Sessions

Members attend live video sessions with Cory every Tuesday – Thursday for hands-on coaching, advice, brainstorming, and strategy discussions like never before. Bring your challenges, roadblocks, and questions. Attend as many sessions as you want, it’s all included in your membership.

  • Tuesday: Sales
  • Wednesday: Marketing & Branding
  • Thursday: Operations

Get organized & stay connected to our team

Your membership includes your own project management software system and access to our team. 

  • Brainstorm with us
  • Upload videos, ads, images, and content for review
  • Collaborate on powerpoints and proposals
  • Get input on contracts and negotiations
  • Utilize a true business growth partner


Add skills, stay focused, and get the competitive edge with our exclusive on-demand training, testing, and interactive system

  • 24/7 Learning Across All Devices
  • New Courses and Content Released Regularly
  • Mindset, Sales, Marketing, Branding and More
  • Recommended Resources with Links
  • File Downloads and Coaching Session Archives


We hold our members accountable every week through our automated email check-in system

  • Celebrate your wins
  • Assess your opportunities
  • Plan your next steps
  • Implement your plan
  • And maybe win some prizes too

IN-PERSON member only Training SESSIONS

Throughout the year members can attend live workshops led by Cory and other experts committed to helping you grow

  • Learn competition crushing sales & marketing strategies​
  • Peer networking and idea exchange
  • Fearless Framework™ business reviews
  • Real-time coaching and consulting “hot seats”

Done for you services

Members have access to our team of freelance and exclusive contractors at near wholesale rates to assist with set-up and build design for a number of sales, marketing, and back-office initiatives. All projects are managed in-house by an F.E.S. team member so you never have to worry about a bad freelance hire again

  • Sales funnels, systems, and automation
  • Full-scale websites including e-commerce​
  • CRM set-up and build-out
  • Podcast development, design, and management
  • Graphics and creative design

Client Success


Since partnering with Cory, Pecan Jacks World Famous Sweets has launched a new e-commerce website that’s resulted in a 300% increase in online sales. Profit per SKU has also risen by implementing an incremental price increase strategy. The hardworking owners and team at Pecan Jacks continue growing their business with a new location in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, and several “Best Of” awards by local media. 

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