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The truth is marketplace competition is wreaking havoc on small business owners leading to stagnant revenue, limited growth, and even the complete closure of one’s business. Entrepreneurs must have best-in-class processes, cutting edge technology, and a talented internal or freelancer team to truly thrive in the new economy. Simply put, professionals hire other professionals when they need help. Put your business on the fast track to growth by joining F.E.S., the most comprehensive business growth support system on the planet.

Sales Process

We can help you review, revise, and revamp your sales process so you are maximizing new business and revenue opportunities.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing visibility and ROI are at the forefront of every great marketing strategy. Let’s review and tweak your plan to maximize impact.

Sales Strategy

Revenue is the life-blood of business, and creating revenue means having and implementing a winning sales strategy. Let’s tackle yours.

Contracts & Negotiations

Business owners leave an insane amount of money on the table because they lack the skills and confidence to build value based proposals or price their product in correlation with the true value they bring to the marketplace. We can help.


The best brands in the world are able to convey a promise and expectation of value, quality, or service to their customers. Is it time to review what your brand message is conveying.

Back Office

Many businesses simply need help choosing the right tools to run their business and from basic apps to sophisticated software we have the experience to make sure you have the right products and service to grow your business.

member benefits


Live Video Strategy Sessions

Join Cory Live via Video throughout the month to get Coaching, Advice, and Training to grow your business. 

Learning Center Courses

Get full access to Cory’s virtual training system which includes training on sales, marketing, mindset, and more. 

Interactive Messaging with Cory

Stay connected and get coaching, advice, clarity, and more whenever you need it via video, audio, or text.

Live Video Strategy Sessions & Coaching

Members attend live video sessions with Cory throughout the month on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to experience hands-on coaching and strategy discussions like never before. Bring your challenges, roadblocks, and questions. Attend as many sessions as you want, it’s all included in your membership.

  • Tuesday: Sales
  • Wednesday: Marketing & Branding
  • Thursday: Operations


Add skills, stay focused, and get a competitive edge with our exclusive on-demand training, testing, and interactive system.

  • 24/7 Learning Across All Devices
  • New Courses and Content Released Regularly
  • Links to Cory’s Recommended Service Providers
  • Downloads Files, Templates, and Workbooks

Interactive Q&A
When You Need It

Strategy sessions aren’t the only time you can get coaching and advice throughout the month. We utilize the latest tech to allow you to stay connected with Cory and get help, feedback, insights, and tactical advice when you need it.

  • Record and send a question via video, audio, or text
  • Get direct responses from Cory
  • Stay accountable, build momentum, and grow your business

Member Testimonial

“Without Cory Mosley’s coaching and guidance, there is no way I could still be in business. I was lost. I was an entrepreneur that thought I knew what I was doing on my own, but after one conversation with Cory, I knew I needed an expert to grow my business. Not only did we grow my business, but we have managed to increase revenue and profit every year. Cory has helped me accomplish something I couldn’t have done on my own, which is to have a strategic plan that aligns with my goals and ambitions, without grinding 20 hours out of the day to accomplish them. I strongly recommend Cory for anyone getting started as a business owner or anyone that’s trying to take their business to the next level. Thank you, Cory!”

Durran Cage, Founder & CEO

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