Today, I’m talking about a term I’d like you to keep in your mind. That term is par for the course. By definition it means what is normal or expected in any given circumstance. See for many of us we’re on a climb, your climb maybe to build a new business, a better business, a better relationship with your spouse or improve your income. Many times to accomplish this we have to become someone that we’ve never been.

Here’s the funny thing that happens when you try to do this. The bad relationships you choose to leave, now want people to believe you are a terrible person. The employer you leave who always gave you just enough to keep you but not enough to make you want to stay, degrades your contributions and make it as if you were never really valuable in the first place. The people who don’t have the guts to pursue their dreams well they want to send just stupid messages and make stupid posts on social media.

I was watching a livestream of a well-known business expert you might know named Grant Cardone. During the stream someone was posting stupid comments also known as hating on him and he read the post and stopped for a minute to acknowledge the person. Then he asked them something I always remember he said “hey man what did you give up on?”

It made me think how I’ve never met a hater doing better than me. When someone chooses to spend their time engaging in negativity it clearly says more about them than it does about the person they are talking about. The truth is none of us are perfect and throughout our lives every decision that we make won’t be perfect. But someone’s past does not have to define their future.

So I say this to you today as you continue your journey of growth and as the haters because they will come. Just remember the simple phrase, It’s all just par for the course.

I’ll see you next week.