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Cory gave me the courage to innovate my operations. His influence made me a better leader and has a made a positive impact on my organization. I now consider Cory a dear friend.


Cory knows the consulting business inside and out. Combine that knowledge with his integrity, engaging training techniques, marketing savvy, and proven sales strategies, and you have one business powerhouse. Even if you’re not looking for a coach or consultant today, you owe it to yourself to have a conversation with Cory Mosley. Put him in your Rolodex today, your business tomorrow, and you’ll put him top of your “Thank You” list for years to come.


I’ve known Cory for 14 years. He’s a consultant who’s actually done the hard work. He brings a level of professionalism, passion, and realism with his work that is so often lacking in the retail space. The guy knows how to get results…he knows how to help a business improve operations and drive sales.


Cory Mosley is among the best strategists in the business today. His “new school” approach to developing sales is spot on. I had the good fortune to work with Cory on the development of a  training course for an OEM which was very successful. I am looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate on a project.


Cory is a true expert in his field. He is a professional who consistently produces results for his clients. I have had the pleasure of working with Cory and have always been impressed with his wealth of knowledge and his skills as a speaker, trainer and a partner in the success of his clients. I would highly recommend Cory Mosley to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.


No-nonsense, entertaining, thought-leader: These are the words that immediately come to mind when I think about my experience with Cory. No way you go to one of Cory’s speeches or hire him for process review and don’t get your money’s worth. When good-enough isn’t any more, hire Cory.


If you are looking for a high energy individual that will put you on the road to success then Cory Mosley is your man. I have always admired Cory’s passion and straight talk and he has grown to become not only a great person to do business with but also a friend.


Besides Cory’s fabulous personality, he demonstrates professionalism and brings to the table devotion and motivation on any project. He is up front and a no-nonsense professional in every sense of the word.


Cory is a key strategic partner, he’s supported us on a number of critical projects, all having been executed flawlessly and with an infectious enthusiasm and energy for success, that is Cory’s signature. Most recently, Cory was instrumental in helping design, launch and run a national high touch consulting program. This project was quickly celebrated by our joint clients for the field and dealer adoption and also the lift in target performance metrics that followed soon after. I thoroughly recommend Cory and his team.


I had the pleasure of working with Cory on an OEM account and got to see first hand why Cory has the incredible reputation for being a valued Consultant. I appreciated the opportunity to learn from his expertise in marketing, process and sales effectiveness. I highly recommend Cory and within minutes of meeting him, you’ll see why.


Cory is a man among boys when it comes to training sales teams. I had the absolute pleasure of having him mentor me for a couple years and also prepared me to coach my clients years afterward. He is a gentleman, entertaining, and has a genuine sincere interest in maximizing a business’s productivity and bottom line. Contact me anytime to discuss Cory’s credentials. Absolutely no worries here!


Cory is one of the finest consultants that I know. He is a true asset to any company that needs professional consulting, coaching, or sales training.