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Chris Davis

"Cory was referred to me by an old friend, and he did not disappoint! During our visit, he provided me with a wealth of knowledge, suggestions, and feedback, not all of it positive! BUT.....that's the only way we grow, right? Cory's willingness to get it all out there, with suggestions on how to improve, delivered in an easygoing yet firm style, is refreshing. I look forward to continuing our relationship. Highly recommend!"

Durran Cage

“Without Cory Mosley's coaching and guidance, there is no way I could still be in business. I was lost. I was an entrepreneur that thought I knew what I was doing on my own, but after one conversation with Cory I knew I needed an expert to grow my business. Not only did we grow my business, but we have managed to increase revenue and profit every year. “

Tenisha Davis

“Working with Cory and F.E.S has been amazing and eye opening! Cory is an awesome coach and strategist. From the first call he helped me gain clarity in areas of my business that seemed “blurry”. He knows exactly what you need and how to help you accomplish your goals and helps you break them down into manageable steps. I would highly recommend him and his team to help if you need an overhaul of your business, new ideas or a hand getting started. I made a great decision to invest with F.E.S and you will too if you decide to work with Cory. He’s the best!“

Vin Bhat

“I joined Cory Mosley’s Fearless Entrepreneurship Society (FES) program because I was looking for a fast start growth strategist / consultant with real-world experience. Cory helped me by really digging deep and aligning me with my passions and skill-sets so that my team and I can make rapid progress. As a result of his strategy and coaching sessions, we were able to launch Beta program sooner, saving us more than 800 man-hours of design and development time.“
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