I want to talk to you today about the warning signs of success. That’s right a way to know that you might be on the path to reaching your definition of success. I refer to this as a pattern of pleasure.

See years ago I was struggling to find my groove. I was struggling to identify what I was best at and what really made me happy professionally and I started to become what I call hyper aware of a few things. One of those things was asking myself and then documenting the moments when I was the happiest and also the moments when I wasn’t. For entrepreneurs out there like me you know many times we have to wear many hats.

But I set out to focus on my strengths and on controlling what was going on right up here.

I observe things like how I felt after I got off stage from speaking to an audience or closing a new piece of business or receiving a check from a client. But even non-business moments like when I got off the phone with a friend who simply called me for some advice. See these things start to form the patterns of pleasure that I wanted to focus on duplicating.

That meant pursuing more speaking opportunities, that meant monetizing my happy and fulfilled moments like coaching and giving advice. I also had to look at moments of angst or annoyance and non interest like having to log receipts, file paperwork or work with people who I knew weren’t really interested in getting better from their efforts.

I believe when you get your activities in alignment with the activities and actions that are driving pleasure you create a momentum that will drive your success.

I challenge you this week to sit down and write out your highlight moments. What actions are you taking or task are you completing that create pleasure happiness and even represents things that you can do with ease?

See, if you can position yourself into a pattern of pleasure state you’ll be able to see your wins on the horizon faster than you ever thought possible.

I’ll see you next week.