My topic this week is vision. Let me ask you what is your vision for your future. See vision is the big picture. It’s the big bright wide path. It’s your grand plan. So I ask you again what is your vision.

See I found that most people lack vision especially people that are out there grinding in the 9 to 5 workforce famed orator Minister Bishop T.D. Jakes says:

“Don’t turn your income over to someone who has no vision for your needs.”

It’s easy to get caught up in the world of like too, wish I could and wouldn’t it be great if. See don’t confuse vision with a wish or desire.

Vision requires details, it requires work, it requires you to dream to see it before it exists to put your intention out into the universe. Vision requires you to be able to articulate that which you want On-Demand if asked. So let me ask you again what is your vision for the future.

Today I’m challenging to define or redefine your vision. Commit to working on it every day. Find new ideas to incorporate and new people to talk to about what you plan to achieve.

Remember, the keyword is plan not hope your vision needs a written structure for you to view review, annotate and read regularly. It’s famously reported that Walt Disney died years before Disney World opened but when they asked Roy Disney what he thought Walt would think if he could see that theme park he said he did see he saw it every day in his mind.

He saw it before the first shovel went into the ground. That my friends is the power of vision.

I’ll see you next week.